This recording is the culmination of many years worth of material, including Michael Curtis's work with his late brother Rick in The Curtis Brothers, bringing songs "Southern Cross" cowritten with Stephen Stills and recorded by CSN, and "Blue Letter" recorded by Fleetwood Mac, along with some great newer material written through the years. Terry Jones Rogers's song "Pirates", a featured song in every performance of The Byrds with Michael Clarke, also makes a long awaited appearance, as well as more recent material including "One Kiss", a crowd favorite for years. Scott Nienhaus, augments his amazing guitar skills, as well as his soulful vocal, with 2 songs featuring him on the piano, written years ago and now making their debut on this long-awaited recording. Also included in this project is a song written by the late-great Gene Clark, never recorded by The Byrds, but performed for years by The Byrds with Gene Clark, which included Michael Curtis through the 1980's. Together... Terry Jones Rogers, Michael Curtis, Scott Nienhaus and Tim Politte are a seamless rock and roll outfit, playing real music on real instruments, along with flawless four-part harmony! Get ready to rock!!

Produced by Younger Than Yesterday and Greg Trampe / Recorded, mixed and mastered by Greg Trampe at Music Masters, St. Louis, MO
Executive Producers ~ Dick Baker and Dianne Wilhelm Kerley
Younger Than Yesterday...
Terry Jones Rogers - electric and acoustic guitars, bass guitar, mandolin, vocals
Scott Nienhaus - electric and acoustic guitars, banjo, keyboards, vocals
Michael Curtis - bass guitar, acoustic guitar, mandolin, harmonica, vocals
Tim Politte - drums, percussion, acoustic guitar, vocals
w/special guests...
John Mondin - electric guitar /  Lanny Engler - pedal steel guitar / Bill Murphy - accordion / R. Scott Bryan - Hammond B-3, percussion / Madison Thorn - percussion, vocals / Teresa Nienhaus - vocals / Barbara Paulick - vocals / Catherine Decker - vocals / Tina Dialpaz - vocals / Pat Liston - vocals
Cover photography ~ Madison Thorn / Studio photography ~ Madison Thorn, Bill Thomas, Preston Guerra / Artwork layout ~ Greg Trampe

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